Angelic combines turn-based strategy combat with distinctive and colorful heroes you often see in narrative games. Angelic has an equal emphasis on storytelling and party-based RPG elements, all backed by a dark and compelling science-fiction setting in which you are often mesmerized by the complexity of the events happening around you.

Get ready to join a massive conflict, where you will have to question the morality of humanity, and struggle to make the right decision most of the time.

Meet the Crew

You are no longer a human. You have transcended and are now known as Phoenix, a unique neo-human prototype. You were engineered by Iset the Mother herself, who is a goddess and your redeemer, and also your companion.

Zarya Aurora Molnija, your lover, also joins you. She is an eugenical (genetically crafted super human) hunter.

Xander, your dear friend, also accompanies you on your journey. He is a war veteran and a former stormtrooper.

You will meet other companions on your adventure. These potential allies might have different agendas, motivations, and desires. You will have to make a team out of a group of people who literally hate each other.

If you can gain their respect and trust, however, you will assemble a fearsome force.

Fight, Kill, Die in an Unforgiving Universe

Unlike other turn-based-strategy games, your companions are not just soldiers with different weapons. They are completely different from each other. They have unique skills, different advantages and disadvantages and they use distinct weapons.

Units have drop pods, their personal shuttles which provide some combat bonuses as well. Battles are very dynamic, and controlling a zone is not very easy since enemies can deploy units any place from the sky with drop pods and threaten your formation, even turn the tide of the battle instantly!

And one more thing... You might die. You and your companions are strong, capable, and fearsome, but your team is not invincible. Good news is, you are backed by a goddess... So even death is not the end of your journey.

Captain a One-of-a-Kind Mothership

Iset, the very first neo-human ever created and practically the mother of many other angels, entrust you captaining her own ship: Osiris.

Osiris is one of a kind mothership with stealth abilities. It is your team's home. You are free to explore the vast universe of Angelic, carefully of course, since the space is full of dangers... However, in order to develop your abilities and customize your heroes or craft items and research technologies; you will need to salvage parts, help colonies or raid corporations' stations.

Universe Does NOT Depend On You

Angelic is not a game where the entire fate of the universe falls into your hands. Absolutely not. However, you can still have an impact on many lives: Save them, doom them or ignore them. Whatever you are planning to do, know that you cannot achieve what you desire all by yourself. You will need help.

So, consider your actions carefully. There will be consequences.

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