Captain’s Log Entry #10 – Lore Introduction & Combat Reveal (Vlog #1)

We continue our blog posts and as announced earlier, we only release video logs from now on.    In our first vlog, we will be introducing the lore of Angelic universe, along with extensive look at our combat gameplay with some additional gameplay details.     Please subscribe to our Youtube channel and stay tuned […]

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Captain’s Log Entry #9 – Combat Mechanics

Last week I mentioned there might be a surprise for you this week. And here they come: The very first screenshots and even GIFs from the game’s combat.   Today we will talk about combat mechanics. Actually, not just talk. We also see some action.     Turn Based Strategy… with Our Special Sauce   […]

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Captain’s Log Entry #8 – Meet the Crew

Angelic features many significant characters, we have briefly shared the concepts and details of Iset the Mother and Daeva before. Now, it is time to talk about the others a bit.   This is going to be a quick and brief introduction. Much more information will be shared throughout this month.   So… Let’s meet […]

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Captain’s Log Entry #7 – Road to Kickstarter

Welcome to another weekly developer diary post! So far, we discussed the reason why we started this project, and how we managed to do it. We also talked about the ship we will command (Osiris) and some important aspects regarding the companions, or heroes as we call them. During the last two weeks, we briefly […]

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Captain’s Log Entry #6 – Symphony of the Forsaken Part 2

We found a way. A way to reach infinity. A way to ultimate redemption.   A new… humanity!   Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to finally reveal the grandest technological advancement of our race’s history!    Hail the first angel: Iset the Transcendent One!   * A hologram of Iset appears on the scene. […]

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