Captain’s Log Entry #5 – Symphony of the Forsaken Part 1

“Our world was dying, corrupted… Poisoned by the unsatisfiable greed of humanity. Burned by nuclear wars, devastated by natural disasters.   Betrayed by the infinite stupidity of humanity.   Billions of people had become obsolete. Our new world did not need their muscle power, it had machines. It did not need their services; bots were […]

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Captain’s Log Entry #4 – Drama

What is better than exploring the universe, traveling between planets, space stations, and colonies while pursuing adventures in a state-of-art spaceship?   Doing all these actions with charismatic, unique, and deep characters, of course!   The journey you are about to embark on will require a lot of help, anyway.   Here at Metaverse Studios, […]

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Captain’s Log Entry #3 – Osiris

Angelic has two main layers: Combat sequences (action) and Ship sequences (role-playing).   Today, we delve deep into the ship and its design. It is important to discuss the ship because it is home to our own character, which has not been revealed yet, as well as your companions.   I have mentioned Angelic is […]

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Captain’s Log Entry #2 – Storm Riders

Unlike the common belief, the universe is not a deterministic, organized system. Sorry to disappoint you, but the universe is full of chaos. Even worse, according to the second law of thermodynamics, we have the law of entropy, which dictates the existing chaotic order gets even worse continuously.   It might be a surprise for […]

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Captain’s Log Entry #1 – Why?

When deciding the topic for our first developer diary, the subject came easy to me. It had to be the golden question: Why?   That simple question forces us to check our motivations. Our reasoning, target, aim… I had to think hard about some solid answers for this deceptively easy, but devilishly hard question. I […]

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